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The annual report data that each ERC must provide to NSF each year will now be submitted to the ERC database and formatted for the printed Annual Report via this updated data input system.

The interface streamlines and simplifies the ERC data entry process for you. The tabbed interface will guide you through the process of entering and validating annual report data for your ERC, according to the requirements established by the ERC Program's Annual Report Guidelines and Data Definitions document.

These data will be automatically fed into 12 spreadsheet-style tables. When data entry is complete and you have received confirmation that the data has been validated by the system, you will be able to print the tables for inclusion in the ERC Annual Report.

Annual Report Data Entry

Data Entry steps are numbered, and you must proceed through the system in order. As data are entered, the system will check for consistency and completeness, and mark any data that require attention or revision. Data will be saved on a screen-by-screen basis. You will be able to stop and resume data entry as often as necessary.

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This feature is only available if you have completed the ERC Annual Report Quick Contact Information. If you have not yet completed the Quick Contact Information, please email us or call at 520-626-9056.

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